Clone Wars Preview

Welcome once again to the previews of upcoming releases. These are exciting times in the world of Star Wars, and PocketModels are certainly not being left behind. On July 26th, the Clone Wars will be upon us all! This set has exclusive preview content for the epic new animated film that will hit theatres on August 15th. Today's previews show off the new art direction brought about by the style of the Clone Wars films. We think you'll all agree that this medium lends itself to the creative looks of the new ships.

Jabba's Throne Room
First up is Jabba's Throne Room. This common objective can lead to an abrupt end for an opponent focused on destroying your objectives. Seeing as its rarity is common, future objective rush deck builders beware!

Force of Commerce
This rare Banking Frigate shows off one of the more impressive designs to date. Packing an impressive 8 damage, few ships can withstand its barrage. This 4 star ship hits the battlefield with a 0 attack, 8 defense, and 6 shields. This makes it a somewhat easy target, but with some creative use of its Turbolaser, Carrier, and Ruthless icons, it is truly a force to be reckoned with.

212th Attack Battallion
This rare Republic Attack Shuttle marks the return of the 212th! For 3 stars this ship comes into battle with a 1 attack, 3 damage, 9 defense, 4 shields and the Airborne, Transport, and Elite icons. Those kind of stats are certain to make an impact on the field.

Anakin and Ahsoka's Y-Wing
My how the Y-Wing has changed! This is a perfect example of how the animated film has allowed for some reimagining of classic ships from the Star Wars universe. Not to mention, this is one of the first ships that has appeared in PocketModels with two heroes' names in the title. Weighing in at 2 stars, this ship sports a 2 attack, 2 damage, 8 defense, and 3 shields. As for icons, this ship sports the Elite icon and all-new Command icon. As is par for the course, the newest set is indeed bringing a new icon to further differentiate the types of fleets a player has to take into account when building their own fleet.

Before we sign off, it is important to address some confusion that has been going around about the release date of Clone Wars. The official release date is indeed July 26th. Unfortunately, some stores may not be receiving their products until the 30th, so it might be worth checking with your local shop for confirmation of when they will receive their supplies. Furthermore, Toys'R'Us and some hobby stores will actually have midnight events going as well, so make sure to check for those in your area! Finally, you can look forward to a promotion similar to the base set sample pack giveaways that will be launching next week!