Order 66 Cards Preview

Welcome to Swpocketmodels.com first Order 66 preview. The expansion is set to launch March 5, 2008, so these cards will be in everyone's hands in no time! One important thing to note is that this set has half the number of cards as the old sets (60 instead of 120), so it will be much easier to get the cars you want. Without further ado let's see the first card:

Aggressive Reconnaissance (1/60) is the most common card in the set at card 1/60, but that doesn't mean you'll be sad when you find one in your packs. The ability to see the top card of your opponent's deck is a great ability.

The second card in our preview, GH-7 Medical Droid (11/60), is a great addition to those droid decks you've been running since the base set. This time around you can repair another non-droid ship in your fleet, so this card could very well see play outside of just droid decks.

Birth of an Empire (18/60), our first objective, is a great example of a theme card. This objective changes all of your republic units over to the empire affiliation. Use this to play out scenes from the movie, or throw your opponent off with a completely different deck than he or she might expect.

Hate Leads to Suffering (25/60), is a return to the cards we remember from the base set. This card has a similar feel to Acceptable Loss in that you deal damage upon playing the card. The difficulty in playing this card will lie in trying to get a *, **, or *** ship to survive an attack and have damage markers on it.

Strafing Run (34/60), is the first card in our preview to showcase the new airborne match icon, . This card has great potential in devastating your opponents ground forces by allowing you to target a less defended opponent.

Mace Windu (39/60), is an example of the new objective mechanic which allows you to discard a character objective in order to gain some temporary benefit. In this case you ignore an objective for the duration of the attack. But, to be honest, it would have to be a game winning maneuver to get rid of an objective that allows only 1 enemy ship to strike this card!

Commander Bly (44/60), showcases the new elite match icon, . It allows you to ignore battle droid icons so that you can cut through the enemy battle droids with ease.

Yoda (60/60), is once again a powerhouse in the new set. Allowing all of your jedi units to gain +1 attack, while being heavily defended himself with a 14 defense will allow your jedi forces to destroy enemies at will. Not to mention, this is a great looking card in person (we apologize for the difficulty our scanner had in showing just how cool it is).

Last but not least in our preview, we have two of the sticker sheets that will be available in this set. These stickers can be placed on your ships to show affiliation, battle damage, and more.

Stay tuned for our Order 66 Ship Preview which will become available in the next couple of days!