Order 66 Ships Preview

Welcome back to the Swpocketmodels.com Order 66 previews. For our final preview, we will be showcasing 9 of the ships you can expect to find in Order 66. These ships come from 4 of the 18 ship plates found in the new set. Without further ado, let's get to the ships...

Stass Allie's Jedi Interceptor is quite the ship for a mere common. With a 2 attack, 11 defense, 2 damage, 1 shield, and sporting both the droid and torpedo icons, this beauty is quite worthy of its 2 star cost. With the new jedi objectives, this ship is even more powerful than its base stats alone. I'm sure it will see many tours of duty in both Jedi and Republic fleets.

Ki-Adi-Mundi's Jedi Interceptor sports less impressive stats than Stass' Interceptor at the same cost of 2 stars, but this ship makes up for that with loads of icons. It has a 1 attack, 8 defense, 2 damage, 2 shields, and sports the new airborne icon as well as the droid and laser icons. This ship will fit well in decks built around any of those icons.

The 12th Group Geonosian Fighter brings a solid 1 star ship to the Confederacy. With a 0 attack, 10 defense, 1 damage, and 1 shield to go along with it's battle droid icon, this ship is surprisingly survivable for its cost. A 10 defense is certainly not something to ignore.

The 15th Group Geonosian Fighter loses the survivability of 12th group while greatly enhancing its attack. It seems to be made to kamikaze. For 1 star this ship gives you 3 attack, 7 defense, 1 damage, 1 shield, and sports a battle droid icon. While the piece isn't going to survive for long in a battle, its attack will nearly guaruntee that it brings something down with it.

The 212th Attack Battalion AT-AP brings back the AT-AP in style. Sporting a 1 attack, 9 defense, 2 damage, 2 shields and both the new elite icon and the armor power match icon, this unit is more than worth its 2 star cost. The armor icon provides great survivability to go along with the 2 shields.

The 91st Recon Corps AT-AP sacrifices the survivability of the 212th Attack Battalion, but makes up for it with a stronger punch. With a 1 attack, 9 defense, 3 damage, 2 shields, and the blaster and elite icons, this ship will cut through even the heaviest armored units on its way to your opponent's home zone.

The 212th Attack Battalion AT-RT is the first of the rare ships we are previewing. This is a great 1 star unit to add to any Republic fleet. With a 2 attack, 11 defense, 1 damage, 1 shield, and the new elite icon this ship will be a hard target for your opponent to bring down.

The 21st Nova Corps AT-RT sacrifices a bit of survivability in order to nearly guaruntee its attacks. It sports a 3 attack, 10 defense, 1 damage, 1 shield and the new elite icon. With a still better than average defense and a great attack value, this ship is a valuable asset for your Republic fleet.

The 41st Elite Corps AT-RT brings the most damage out of the 3 AT-RTs on this ship plate. It has a 2 attack, 9 defense, 2 damage, and 1 shield, while also sporting the new elite icon. 2 damage is a ton of damage for a unit this cheap and couple that with the decent 2 attack and your opponents will be scurrying to find a way to take this guy out. With any luck this 1 star will take out at least one 2 star unit before going down.

The Prosecutor is the final ship in today's preview. This Acclamator-Class Transport brings some vary decent values for a 4 star ship. It has a 2 attack, 9 defense, 5 damage, 5 shields, and both the transport icon and Turbolaser power match icon. This is more than enough survivability and destructive power to land in your opponent's home zone. Using some of the nicer transport cards you will hopefully be able to drop quite a force at your opponent's doorstep.

We hope you enjoyed this sampling of the upcoming set, and we look forward to providing previews of more upcoming sets as they approach. Don't forget, Order 66 will be executed come March 5th!