Scum & Villainy Ships Preview

Welcome once again to the previews of upcoming releases. This time around we're looking at some new ships from the upcoming set Scum & Villainy. The first thing you'll notice is the addition of two new icons to this set. Ruthless, the new match icon, and Veteran, the new power match icon. It's exciting to see a new power match icon, and this one certainly doesn't disappoint. According to the rules insert, this icon grants the following ability:

If this unit destroys a unit that has the same or more build stars,
flip its base and use the values printed there. This unit begins the game
with the Veteran icon showing.

We don't want to ruin the suspense of what kinds of stats you can expect on the other side, but rest assured that this new icon should allow ships to really differentiate themselves from others of their given rarity. Without further ado, here are three of the new ships you will find in boosters come May 28th.

Slave 1
We'd be crazy if we didn't start out with the ship everyone has been waiting to see since Star Wars Pocketmodels was first announced. Not only does the ship look great, but the stats make this look like the ship everyone will want to use. This is a 3 star ship with a 3 attack, 9 defense, 3 damage, and 3 shields. On top of this it sports both of the new icons and rides under the control of the Empire. No one should have a hard time catching their bounty in this ship.

Nova Squadron
The B-Wing returns in style with this iteration of the ship. It's a 2 star ship that sports a 2 attack, 8 defense, 2 damage, and 2 shields. Not only does it have the new Veteran icon, but it has a turbolaser icon as well. This ship will do the rebels proud in battle.

Luke Skywalker's T-16 Skyhopper
Luke returns in this set riding in an uncommon ship for the first time in the game. This new ship design looks great and the stats aren't too shabby either. This is a 1 star ship sporting a 3 attack, 9 defense, 1 damage, and 1 shield. Sporting the airborne icon, this little pest will be the bane of many much larger and more expensive ships.

Well, that's it for our preview of the new ships in Scum and Villainy, but stay tuned next week for our preview of some of the new cards, including a brutal new forward objective and details on how this new game mechanic works.